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NEW Engine:  Small Block 355, 10.5:1 compression,  "secret grind" camshaft, Weiand Team-G Tunnel Ram and Twin 650cfm Holley Double Pumpers.
NEW Transmission: Turbo 350 with shift kit, 3500 stall converter.

NEW Rear:  Ford 9 inch out of a 76 Bronco (57.25 inches wide) with 373 gears and Posi

PHASE 1:  Beginning Photos

PHASE 2:  Assess Damage, Disassembly, Fabrication and Begin Repair


It is March 25th, 2019.    I finally got my cylinder head back from the machine shop.  While I was waiting for the cylinder head to get done, I built another inline six that was going to be used as a spare.  At first I was going to just put the spare engine in the wagon so I could mock everything up and get some drive time.  Just as I had decided to use the spare engine until I got my main engine done, I got the call that my cylinder head was done and immediately I changed my mind.  The spare engine goes on the stand and it's time to finish the main one.  So below, you will see the spare engine with dual one-barrel Rochester carbs in the first two pictures and then you will see the complete main engine done with the Holley two barrels and installed in the WAGON..!!!  

Ok, so now it is time to reassemble and start putting everything back together.  This includes engine installation, new wheels, tires, and copo dog dishes.  This also includes transmission installation, door handles, side body moldings, bumpers, grill etc etc. 

All rust repaired with all new metal.  As you can see in the last two pics above we had to custom build all new drip-rail around the roof.   It just peeled off where it had rusted over the years, but miraculously the roof had no rust damage.  Car sanded and Sanded and SANDED.....  Interior removed and all interior metal was sanded included dash and then repainted Blitz Black with dashpad dyed to match.  Car has been primed and is now getting prepped for new Blitz Black Paint.

PHASE 4:  Begin Final Prep for Paint

PHASE 9:  New Old School

It's January 2019 now.  Although, I have enjoyed driving the "Murder Wagon" around for the past few years with a stout 355 Small Block...  I have always had a weak spot in my heart for the inline six cylinders since I ran the heck out of them in high school.  So, with that being said, I am in the process of building a healthy inline power plant hoping for around 325 horses.  I will update the site again after I get it all done and in the car.  The intake pics below are what is going on my engine.  The pics of the engine are that of a pounding 250 I just built for my fathers 1941 Ford Pickup.  My engine will be identical in "LOOKS" only.  My internals will be a bit different.  (Cant let my dad out-run me..haha).  I will hopefully have my lump-ported head back soon and I can get back to finishing the engine build.  I will post more pics as I get further along.  

I bought this car on October 12th, 2014 from a gentleman in northern Maryland named Mike.  It was an original 194 six banger with a power-glide transmission. 

The story goes that this was the car of an elderly woman who bought it new in 1963.  She drove it every day and kept the maintenance up on it the best she could.  Well, one day the fuel pump stopped working and it broke down in front of a farmer's house.  The elderly woman walked up to the farmers house and asked if she could get a ride back to her home.  When the farmer asked what she wanted to do with her car (which now sat out on the road in front of his house), she said "I dont care, I have had it with that car, Do YOU want it?".  So the farmer asked if he could buy it and he did.   He never even got the car titled in his name.  It just sat in his old barn tucked away for almost two decades.

The old 63 wagon sat in the farmer's barn for 15 years or so.  Then one day his friend Mike was walking around the farmer's property with him and Mike looked over and saw something sitting back in his barn.  Mike said, "Hey, what's that back in that old barn?" and the farmer replied "Aw  that's just an old chevy wagon" and he proceeded to tell Mike the story.  They went back and looked at it and Mike ended up buying the car from the farmer and after a few days he got it running and drove it for the next few months.

This is where I come into the picture.  Mike decided to sell the car and I saw it for sale one day while looking around the "old inter-webs" as Richard Rollins would say from the hit show Gas Monkey Garage.  I called Mike and we talked for a while about the car.  Inevitably I bought the car.  I am third owner of this old wagon and I want to bring her back to life.  Whether it be riding in it , or just showing it at a local town car show, we are going to have fun working on it and showing everyone all the steps in the process.

PHASE 3:  Sanding, Interior Color Change, MORE SANDING!!!

PHASE 8: Completion

All door jambs cut-in with new paint and final body prep for paint. We painted both the stock flat hood and the new 4-inch Cowl Induction Hood!!!!  Need to fit the big 2x4 tunnel ram setup under the hood for concealment purposes..  Haha!

PHASE 10:  NEW Inline Six Installed

Finally the car is all ONE COLOR..!!  I never thought it would happen.  Our body work isnt perfect, but we never claimed to be perfect....God knows, we are not body men.  I think it came out great keeping in mind what we started with.  I am proud of what we have done thus far and although we still have a long way to go, it has DEFINITELY COME A LONG WAY from it once was.  We painted both hoods just in case one of them needed a hole cut in for future induction purposes(haha!)... Hmmm... maybe even a 3 inch wide belt and pulleys turning soon after I am done...who knows... Anything is possible!   Also note the new V8 emblems on the front fenders (outside pics)...

PHASE 7: Putting Everything Back Together

PHASE 5: Today is the Day...  PAINT DAY  3-26-15

It is October 28th, 2019.    After a lot of drive time, some more intense than just idling around, I determined that this Inline Powerhouse needed a bit more fuel (believe it or not)....  So, I found myself mocking up the change over from the two barrel Holleys to TWO FOUR barrel Holleys.   Well, after a lot of thought and calculations, I built the two four barrels.  They are sitting on top of two 4-hole polished two inch spacers and the outcome was better than expected!!!  The new inline engine LOVES these carbs.  It has great drivability and is super responsive all while having a ton more top-end power.  I would consider it a great success.   
Fast forward to 2023 and I decided to see if I could get a bit more power out of this setup.   So, I mocked up some linkage from an old Enderle blower setup I had “in-stock” and put the primary venturis closer to the intake valves by turning the carbs 90 degrees.  The change in responsiveness was INCREDIBLE.. and it looks KILLER!!!   Check out the pics below and let me know what you all think.  

PHASE 6: New Drivetrain Components

Finally road worthy.  New interior has been installed and only thing left is headliner.   What a great build!!!!  My father and I had a blast putting this one together.  I hope everyone enjoyed watching the build.  It took just under a year to complete this one.  Today is October 5th, 2015.  Lets RIDE!!!

Of course the car has a rust areas (What wagons don't.. Right??).  Lower front and rear quarters, rockers, one spot in drivers floor under gas pedal, and over each headlight, not to mention tailgate etc.  Not super bad for a car this age, but bad enough I can tell  ya.  I have pulled out the old 194 inline six and power-glide and we have started working on the right side of the car first repairing the quarters and rockers with MUCH more to do.


Metal Work, and MORE metal work.... Interior removed, welding, etc.  I have converted the front spindles to 5-Lug with new ball joints.  We will be removing the old 4-lug rear soon to make room for the new 9-Inch Ford with 373 Posi.

PHASE 11:  Changed Induction to TWO FOUR BARRELS

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