My Old 1964 PRO-STREET Nova Stationwagon

If anyone knows how to get in touch with the people who bought this car from me, please Email This car is now painted Maroon down the sides and silver on the top just like you see below when I had it painted black down the sides. I would very much like to buy it back. My father saw the car in Ocean City Maryland at the Cruizin' Car Show in May of 2012, but couldnt catch up to the owners to talk to them. Please email me with any information you may have. THANKS IN ADVANCE!

Or you can call me directly at 410-422-3264 if you have any information on it's whereabouts.

This was my 1964 novawagon. I had this car in my family since 1968 when my parents bought it. It was our family car and then I drove it all through highschool and college.

After I got out of school, I decided to pro street it and then I stopped working on it....well that was about 13 years ago. At my last count, I had put over 26 engines, 10 transmissions, and about 9 rears in the car throughout highschool and college. As you can imagine...I had a lot of fun!!! LOL!!

Just to note... This car was very rare in its day. It was an original 283 powerpack V8 car with a 4bbl carb and aluminum powerglide trans. It was a factory air conditioned car with power brakes and power steering. It has all the original tinted factory glass from GM. I had people trying to buy this car for years. Many of them told me to name my price, because they wanted it so bad.
It was a great car in its day and it has a lot of memories...

So in conclusion... Please help me find this car that meant so much to me as I grew up.

Thanks for looking!!